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Dominique DeLoach
Works great!

It didn’t have a super strong odor which was great for my cat’s sensitive skin and it worked well. Definitely happy with it and feel good about using a brand that uses quality ingredients!

Absolutely amazing

We absolutely love this product. Our pets came out fresh and soft after one wash with this soap. Very amazing company, amazing owner, and very very supportive. We recommend everyone to try this product

Lorie B
Great Surprise!!!!!!

My dog has a habit of rolling around in anything he can find in our back yard, therefore he needs to get a bath way more frequently than most dogs. Excessive washing can dry out an animal's skin. I decided to give Standard Wash a try. Once we got Tuco in the tub (which can be a daily game)we used Standard Pet wash. I have to admit the low suds was a surprise but how clean Tuco was, was even a bigger surprise. It was actually easier not to have all the heavy sudsing. He was calm in the tube and when he was dry he was fluffy and smelled FRESH! Using the wash was actually a more pleasant experience for my dog. This is definitely a keeper. Thank you !!!!.

Ashley Cohen
This product is like no other in the best way possible!!

I came across standard pet company from TikTok and wanted to know more about. They really care about the environment and making safe all natural products for pets! I was excited to receive my order within a few days of placing it! I immediately told my pup it was bath fine so we could test out the new wash. End results he is so fluffy and shiny his fur feels like silk! Nothing has ever done this before I’ve used. It’s been a week now and he’s still as fluffy and soft as from right after his bath. I can’t say enough good about this product so go buy it for yourself and see!

Samantha Roberts
WOW just WOW

I finally found the IT product for my pet! My pup is so hard to keep clean when all he does is roll in grass and mud, was searching for a new pet wash that would really help bring the fur back up to snuff. This wash is amazing, it deep cleaned (without any harsh chemicals 🙏) detangled any matts in their fur he had, and it made white fur actually white again! After a good blowout I found his fur is so shiny it glistens, left it super fluffy not flat, and not to mention it smells great! The best part is that he loved it too and made bathtime super easy! 1000 star rating to standard pet!